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California Law Firm Defends Clients Against Criminal Charges

Monrovia criminal defense attorney represents clients during trial and during expungement proceedings

If you have been charged with a crime, getting assistance from the right attorney can be essential to protecting your constitutional rights. At the Law Office of Kevin B. Sawkins in Monrovia, I bring 24 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney to helping clients in the San Gabriel Valley and throughout Southern California navigate the complexities of the state and federal court systems. My firm offers tough, capable representation in a variety of criminal cases, including matters involving charges for DWI, theft, battery and expungement proceedings.

Knowledgeable attorney protects defendants’ rights in theft and battery cases

I have successfully defended individuals against both felony and misdemeanor charges at the state and federal level and am familiar with a range of offenses including:

  • Theft — In California, the theft of items valued at or below $950 is classified as petty theft and usually charged as a misdemeanor. If the value of the items exceeds $950, the theft is considered grand theft and may lead to a felony conviction and up to three years of prison time.
  • Battery — State law defines battery as the willful and unlawful use of force or violence on another person. While simple battery is a misdemeanor offense, felony charges are possible if the battery resulted in serious bodily injury or was committed against a police officer. Potential defenses to these charges include unintentional acts and acts of self-defense.

I am here to help you understand your rights and provide you with all possible advantages, from conducting a thorough case assessment to building a solid defense strategy.

Assertive lawyer handles DUI cases

California law prohibits driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Anyone with a BAC of 0.08% or more is considered to be over the legal limit. DUIs are treated as misdemeanors or felonies according to the number of prior DUI convictions, with increasingly severe penalties including license suspension, jail time, probation, fines or even prison time if the DUI resulted in injury or death. I carefully review each client’s case and records, identifying any relevant defenses that might lead to the dismissal or reduction of charges.

Skilled counselor assists with record sealing and expungement

For many individuals, a prior criminal charge can impact work opportunities and housing options. I have assisted clients with:

  • Expungement — You may be eligible for expungement if you meet certain criteria, including not having served time in a state prison. While expungement is generally available if you successfully completed probation or obtained an early release, it is still possible to expunge cases with probation violations or some felony convictions.   
  • Record sealing — Arrest records usually can be sealed if the arrest did not lead to a conviction. This may also be an option if you had a drug case or other type of criminal case in which you were required to complete a diversion program.

I can identify available post-conviction relief options, and help you determine the best one for your circumstances.

Contact a Monrovia attorney to schedule a free consultation for your criminal matter

At the Law Office of Kevin B. Sawkins, I draw upon two decades of experience to protect the rights of San Gabriel Valley and Southern California residents who have been charged with or previously convicted of a crime. Call me at 626-424-0150 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my office in Monrovia.  

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